The CenterTEC sV.2 represents an entirely new platform with a
larger voice coil, and all new suspension system. The r3 surround
and reinforced cone assembly means more linearity and sound
output. Our newly designed EC magnet structure and large
stamped steel basket, plus r3 surround technology have allowed a
massive power handling of up to 60 watts.
The all new CenterTEC sV.2 compact full range
dash speaker will fit all 1999 - 2004 Grand
Cherokee. These are used to replace the defective
Infinity dash tweeters used by Jeep. The
CenterTEC sV.2 exceeds the expectations of our
customers with size, sound quality, build quality,
magnet structure and weight. We built these from
the ground up to be certain they were the best.

The CenterTEC sV.2 replacement Jeep tweeters
come pre wired with factory plug-n-play connectors
to make your
installation painless. No cutting, no
splicing - remove the old, and install the new. The
CenterTEC sV.2 dash speakers offer a full range
of movement to cover all midrange and highs that
your Jeep sound system demands from them. The
"r3 multi flex surround" is designed to deal with
years of UV rays, high heat, extreme humidity and
more. We have addressed all of the original
defects, and improved the design to ensure a long
lasting and trouble free listening experience.

JGCParts is so confident you will love your new
Jeep dash speakers that we offer you a 30 day buy
back guarantee.See how easy it is to DIY with our
free photos and step by step
instructions for all 1999 - 2004 Grand Cherokee.
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You will receive 2 CenterTec sV.2 speakers
for the listed pricing below:
CenterTEC sV.2

1999 - 2004 WJ Jeep
Grand Cherokee
WJ Dash Speaker  Installation instructions
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CenterTEC2 sV.2
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